Siemens FP-11 prices increase as supply dwindles

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There is NO replacement detector for the FP-11

The end of an era is upon us. The MXL fire safety system is officially being discontinued as of May 29, 2020. While final FP-11 smoke detector orders were taken in December 2019 the official end date has arrived. First announced back in January 2013, Siemens developed this 7 year phase out roadmap in response to the new UL 268 7th edition standards. This new UL 2020 code has changed the design and testing standards for smoke detectors to reduce unwanted false alarms and to keep pace with the technological advancements of smoke detection. There is NO replacement detector for the FP-11. Now that production has stopped, the secondary market is the only way to obtain them unless a Siemens Dealer or Factory Branch has stock left which is rare to find.

The impact of FP-11’s no longer being produced is already being felt in price and availability. Back in 2018, still almost 2 years out from the deadline, FP-11 prices were already at $225. That was a 50% increase from 2016 prices (read How to survive the end of Siemens FP-11 production). Since then prices for new FP-11 smoke detectors have skyrocketed, now averaging $695 each. Refurbished FP-11 prices have also increased though at a much slower rate. Today, the average refurbished FP-11 smoke detector is approximately $250 each, though we expect this to also increase to about 50% of the new detector price. ISA/Protegis, a well known fire alarm parts supply business, is currently out of new FP-11 smoke detectors.

So, what does this mean to all the facilities managers that are responsible for the fire systems in buildings with the Siemens MXL Series Addressable Fire Alarm System (MXL, MXLV, MXL-IQ) and has FP-11 smoke detectors? It means, NOW is the time for you to stock up on spare FP-11 smoke detectors before they are no longer available or prices go even higher. Review your fire alarm system and determine what your facility needs for the next 5 years as we expect even the secondary market to be out of new and refurbished FP-11s before 2025. While you maintain your system for as long as possible it’s also best to start developing a plan for the eventual costly upgrade of your entire fire system that will be needed as the MXL system will no longer be available.

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